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    How much hate and anger does it take to allow the death of a whole civilization? Kalin is convinced his bloodthirsty revenge against his cousin, Vorkis, is justified. Vorkis killed everyone on their planet, Salera, with a lethal virus and now he and his army of man-eating Zorcons are dredging the solid inner core of Earth in a search for Pril, the most powerful source of energy in the galaxy. Earth is reacting with violent earthquakes and atmospheric turmoil, an implosion is nearing, and Kalin is willing to sacrifice the planet to kill Vorkis - that is, until Rina comes along.

     Rina is a strong-willed Earth geophysicist whom Vorkis transports to the core because of the Pril she unknowingly carries in her necklace. Kalin's irrepressible hate for Vorkis lands him in an emotional battle with Rina. Not only do they have to deal with each other, carnivorous creatures and a crumbling inner core but also, on the surface, the Secretary of Defense is going to take advantage of Earth's frailty by igniting hundreds of nuclear warheads he planted within the Mariana Trench, the deepest crack in the Earth's crust. His Hitler-like scheme of exterminating the inferior and rebuilding with selective reproduction just might work. . .And the clock is ticking.

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